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Classic Car Auto Insurance

If you are looking for Classic Car Auto Insurance, we want to help you find the best insurer you can find.  In our research we found quite a few classic car insurers out there. 

Here are a few...



Classic Auto Insurance Agency - They insure antique, classic, street rods, pro-streets, exotics, racecars, replicas, and custom trucks. 1000, 3000, and 5000 mile per year programs available. New lower rates on street rods, pro-streets, exotics, racecars, and replicas. New lower rates for all liability & uninsured motorists' coverages. Car club membership and car “collection” discounts are available. No vehicle age limitation. Full pleasure driving allowed. Stated and agreed value insurance.


Good Classic Car Insurance is Essential

Your classic car means a lot to you.  So you need to make sure you get good coverage on the insurance that you choose.  Classic cars are a special case, and if you don't insure your property by an insurance company who specializes in antique, vintage, muscle, custom, hot rod, kit cars, street rods, or classic cars, (besides your ordinary fire, theft, home, and auto insurers)  then you might find your coverage sorely lacking. 

Insurance companies provide valuable financial services to the collector car enthusiast out there trying to protect his or her most valued possession, their classic car(s).  Your car means a lot to you and it is important that if something happens, that it would not financially devastate you financially.  Classic car collectors insurance is provided by a number of specialized companies (like Heacock classic insurance)  that serve not only American collectors, but also collectors around the world. 


Oftentimes for classic cars you have limited mileage.  If it is a classic car, it shouldn't be driven everyday to be classified as a classic car.  Show cars are generally hauled to location, so the insurance companies look at your mileage each year.  You can't over over a set amount each year. 


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