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73 MACH1 for sale We have a great classic cars sale on ebay here! Listed is the 1973 FORD MUSTANG MACH 1 for sale on ebay motors! This classic mustang for sale is a very nice matching original numbers. It has the original 351 cleveland motor along with a manual 4speed. This beautiful 73 Mach One Mustang for sale was repainted in the early eighties by some well intentioned, but unforntunately not so talented teens in terms of auto paiting. They made some mistakes, but nothing that can\'t be fixed with a new paint job. The paint job is still shiny, and has no rust but you can see where they painted some chrome areas accidentally. You wont find a lot of rust on this classic Mach I. A small spot of surface rust can be seen on the back bumper even though it had been garaged since 1997. no rain or snow and no rust. Otherwise it is a great looking 73 MACH1 for sale! This car has 90,500 miles on the odometer and would make a nice weekend car show cruiser to take your wife on a ride. In my possession, I have several hard to find original mustang mach I parts to go with the car like practically brand new center caps, rear window louvers, chin spoiler, carburators, and more. This all ready for someone to take this 73 project car to the next level! Email for any questions on this or any other 1973 Ford models we may be listing here!!

1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 For Sale!

Are you looking for a 1973 Mustang Mach 1 that hasn\'t been hacked up? Tired of seeing bondo cars? We have a treat ready for you! All metal, all original 73Mach 1 of sale! Listed on ebay auction, it is a really nice car! This beautiful vintage automobile is 1973 mustang convertible. This 73 Mach 1 convertible being sold comes with several factorymade extras! Under the hood it boasts a 302 8 cylinder engine that ready to rumble! Factory automatic transmission. The body is restored nearly all the way with special ordered blue glow paint with nice looking body side tape stripes, ps and pdb. I do admit that this classic 73mustang for sale has rust spots in a few of the usual places you can find them but overall the car is solid. Unfortunately the floor pan and the rear quarter skins needs replacing as well as the inner rockers as this 1973 mustang mach 1 was in Minnesota for several years. This is truly a good old classic muscle car project! One good thing is that the frame members & torque boxes are in good shape however there was some crazy owner in the past that put a hole in the front crossmember and also ended up bending the radiator support! This can be fixed I am sure, but that was one blemish you need to be aware of. One other thing, this sounds crazy, but the drag link was replaced with a chain, so you will need to go to go get a 1973 Ford drag link. I believe that the car was just in the beginning stages of becoming parted out when I bought this 1973 ford mustang mach 1. Rare 1973 Mach 1 Mustang on Auction -BID NOW! Rebuilt C6 transmission and 9" rear-end, rebuilt 460 cu engine, new four core radiator, new water pump Tags: mach 1, ford mustang, , 1973 ford, 1973 mustang, 1973 mach, stripe decal, kit mustang, repair manual, gas vin, 2007 views, Buy Old Mustangs cheap, 70s Mustangs for sale, MACH 1 1973 FORD MUSTANG MACH 1 FASTBACK, 73 MUSTANG MACH CONV AND CAR HAULER TRAILER, mustang parts, 1973 mach 1, 09 views, 8cyl 5.0l, stripe kit, automatic transmission, 5.0l gas, mustang ii, mustang convertible Ford Mustang model year 1973, 8cyl 7.0l, manual ford transmission, 351 Cleveland motor for the 73 mustang, stripes mustang, free shipping, grande 8cyl, Mustang decal 1973, 8cyl 5.8l, boss 351, 1973 FORD Mustang Mach Clone for sail'.$desc; //ebay full code insert? - Just in case need another ebay custom query. $ebaycode2insert=''; $campaigntrack =''; //if want special campaign tracking otherwise leave blank $zip = ''; // example &fpos=81503 $distance = ''; // example &sadis=300 for 300 miles ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ?> <? echo $title; ?> - Buy Old Mustangs

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