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1929 Pontiac Project Car For Sale

If interested in this 29Pontiac for sale, click to email "Classic Car" Chris at the Email Us above 

1929 Pontiac Project Car for sale

1929 Pontiac Project Car For Sale!

A few more Pontiacs Projects for Sale!

  • This is in need of restoration but incredibly folks, this car runs!  The rear end is good, the engine, and the transmission.   Granted it does have rust issues and the inside is rough, but it is a real steal for anyone looking to restore an antique Pontiac. 

  • All metal

  • Runs!

  • Just needs some tender loving car!

  • Listed March 23, 2009

  • $5500

    SOLDEmail BuyOldCars!

History on the 1929 Pontiac


The Pontiac automobile line was created by General Motors to make up the difference in prices between the Oldsmobile and Chevrolet divisions.  The real benefit came in the ability to share vehicle parts between the two and therefore maintain a high level of manufacturing efficiency.  Looking back at this, it is very clear that more than that happened when Pontiac was formed... a legendary classic car was created.  The year 1929 was the year that Pontiac introduced the Series 6-29 Big Six.   It was also this year that Pontiac began offering multiple colors of exterior paint.   1929 was such a  big year for Pontiac that they built their 500,000th car in this year.  Unfortunately, it was also the year of the stock market crash and Pontiac and demand dropped.  Online Classifieds Website
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